Serodus management

Dr. Eva Steiness

Chief Executive Officer

Professor Eva Steiness is a “First Mover” in Danish medicine:

The first female Dean at the Faculty of Health Science, University of Copenhagen, the first female professor in Clinical Pharmacology in Denmark (Aarhus University), the first female Senior Vice President at Lundbeck AS and the first woman on its Board of Management. Prof. Steiness, who holds an MD and a DSc in Medicine from the University of Copenhagen, also became the first female biotech entrepreneur in Denmark when she founded Zealand Pharma.

With 10 years in academia, and hands on knowledge from the Danish hospital system, a doctorate in Digoxin-clinical Pharmacology, Eva Steiness had the deep understanding of medicine that it took to revitalize Lundbecks R&D organization.  

In her decade at Lundbeck AS, Prof. Steiness created a broad discovery and clinical pipeline most importantly registering and launching Cipramil® (citalopram), an antidepressant drug, that reached blockbuster status.

Danish press calls Prof. Steiness the “Mother of Cipramil.”

Prof. Steiness accomplishments at Lundbeck resulted in a successful IPO in 1999 and the company is among the top 20 listed on the Danish stock exchange today.

Prof. Steiness founded Zealand Pharma A/S in 1998 and for a decade was its CEO. Under Prof. Steiness’ leadership, a once-daily prandial GLP-1 agonist (lixisenatide) for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes was developed and licensed to Aventis (today Sanofi) in 2003.  Lyxumia® (lixisenatide) was first launched into the European market in 2013. Today Zealand Pharma is listed on the Danish Stock Exchange.

Before joining SERODUS in 2011, Prof. Steiness founded Newpharma, a consultancy company, offering management support to biotech companies, capitalizing on her many years of successful entrepreneurship in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Prof. Steiness listed SERODUS on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2013.

Prof. Steiness has held a string of leadership positions among others: Chairman of the Board of Genmab, Member of the Board in several of Lundbeck’s affiliates, Member of the Board of Directors of the Oticon Foundation, Member of the Medical Research Council and Chairman of the Danish Governmental Advisory Board on Research Politics. 

Dr. Torben Skarsfeldt

Senior VP, COO

Dr. Skarsfeldt is M.Sc. in Biology and D.Sc. in neurobiology from University of Copenhagen. He worked 17 years in Research and Development at Lundbeck and is co-inventor of an approved antipsychotic compound. For 6 years he was Licensing Manager and Director Business Opportunities in Copenhagen and New York. After returning to Copenhagen he gained a position as Project Director heading global core teams within depression, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. In parallel, he was employee elected member of Lundbeck’s Supervisory Board for 16 years when the company grew from a Scandinavian company with 800 heads to an international pharmaceutical company with more than 5000 people. He is the Founder and CEO of Pharma Guidance, a consulting company providing services to US and EU biotech. He was successfully supporting NuPathe Inc as Project Director to develop novel proprietary formulations. Previously, he was CEO of Phlogo ApS before joining Serodus in 2013.

Henrik Mordhorst


Mr. Mordhorst holds a M.Sc. (economics) from Copenhagen Business School. He has worked for 30 years in financial positions within Real Estate, Investment Banking, project financing, portfolio management and start-ups.

Starting right out of business school in real estate in Denmark, he then went to London for 6 six years working for Merrill Lynch and Nomura. He then took on a position as CFO with a development company in New York.

After the expiry of the US contract he went to Switzerland where he settled for 15 years working for UBS as client advisor and a single family office as CIO. He then returned to Denmark to co-found and act as CEO of Dansk Farm Management A/S, a fund management company specialising in the acquisition of danish farms (farmland and buildings only), and then select highly skilled young farmers as tenants. He is the founder and CEO of HeMo ApS, a consulting company providing financial advice, management and support to SME’s. Since 2016 he has worked as CFO in a number of start-ups and the Caladanian Group of companies in the UK.

Mr. Mordhorst joined Serodus in 2019.