Why Serodus

Serodus ASA is a Scandinavian drug development company, focusing on new therapeutic products for the treatment of diabetes and diabetic comorbidities with large unmet clinical needs.

Serodus strives to increase shareholders value through advancing its portfolio to value-creating clinical milestones. With the current drug candidates supported by exceptional competencies to develop them, Serodus is uniquely positioned for success. Below are the key focus elements:

Strategic focus on diabetes and diabetic comorbidities

Serodus has taken a strategic decision to focus on diabetes and diabetic comorbidities with large unmet needs. The market potentials for the drug candidates are large and growing. The growth is driven by increased wealth, change of lifestyle and the aging population.

Innovative approach

Serodus maintains a small, dedicated management team without investing in own laboratories. With close partnerships with universities and contract research organization Serodus involves the best competencies for the tasks.  It also gives the company a predictable progress in project, minimizing overhead costs.

Strong management team with proven record

Serodus management has a strong competence and proven track record in drug development. As a result, Serodus is in a unique position to succeed with the clinical programs.

Balanced pipeline

Serodus has focused on expanding the pipeline from a single product in 2013 into todays four different drug candidates within four therapeutic areas.  The acquisition of Phlogo Aps introduced SER130 and SER140, in addition to the in licensing of SER150 from Evolva SA.  Thus, the benefit to risk ratio has increased significantly since 2013.