Company Background

Serodus ASA is a private Scandinavian drug development company. We focus on developing new treatments with unmet clinical needs in the areas of diabetes and diabetic comorbidities.

Our business model is to in-license drug candidates at an early stage. After having demonstrated clinical effects in humans during clinical phase II, we partner with international pharmaceutical companies. 

Serodus manages the business processes through our extensive network of contract organizations. We are a virtual organization and have no laboratories of our own. The Serodus Management Team combines the weight of Big Pharma experience with the agility of BioPharm decision making and action. The combined experience of our seasoned leadership team spans research, clinical development, business development, and financing. Our individual track records pave the way for long-term success.

All drug candidates are covered by extensive intellectual property (patents and patent applications) held by or licensed to Serodus. 

Value proposition of Serodus’ business model is to:

  • utilize its expertise and proprietary know-how to develop drug candidates through clinical phase II,
  • pursue partnering agreements with pharmaceutical or biotech companies upon having established positive clinical outcomes for its products.  Alternatively Serodus will partner at an earlier stage if such collaborations would advance the development of the drug candidates.
  • continue to use its experiences to identify drug candidates covering significant unmet clinical needs and commercial potential within the diabetic area,
  • continue to extend its product portfolio when found opportune by in-licensing selected drug candidates meeting the above criteria,

The product pipeline addresses significant markets with substantial unmet clinical needs, and potential revenue from partnering agreements is estimated to be significant.